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KIDEMIS is a Swiss food/feed tech company that applies mycelium-based fermentation to upcycle low-value side/streams and produce top-quality, high value, nutritious mycoprotein for various industries.

Through our proprietary technology, we give access to novel, low-cost, sustainable & high-quality nutrition solutions.
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Every year, humanity produces 931 million tons of industrial food waste, 17% of the world's food production is thrown away, not even used. Most of this waste ends up in landfills or is simply incinerated. At the same time, we face increasing risk of hunger due to the global undersupply of nutrition.

Aquaculture represents a realistic solution to provide quality food to the world population, but it is under pressure due to unsustainable practices and a negative environmental impact.

Kidemis mycoprotein is the solution to the existing challenges and issues.

Our technology is based on vertical farming principles and is 100% sustainable, contributing directly to SDG goals.
Our mycoprotein can be used for aqua and animal feed and in a later stage also for human nutrition
We analyse, refine and blend specific mixes of agri-food sidestreams to a substrate and let mycelium to convert it to nutritious and protein-rich ingredients

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Constantin Marakhov
Sean Wassermann
Miguel Serrano
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adress: Liestal, Switzerland
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